Moreno Class Uniform

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

At MDA, the safety or our students and staff are of the utmost importance.

*All students and staff are masked during classes.

*Cleaning measures are taken before, during, and after all classes.

*Sanitization upon entry of the studio.

*The lobby area is closed but, all parents are invited and encouraged to watch classes via Zoom.
(The lobby will be opening again and a new parent viewing room will be added in the coming months!)

Grooming is A Very Important Part of Any Dancer’s Training

Please follow these requirements for your weekly classes:

GIRLS: Girls’ hair must be pulled off the face and neck and secured in a bun using hair nets/snoods and bobbie pins. If hair is too short, ponytail or pigtails are acceptable.

To avoid discomfort when dancing, all jewelry and watches need to be removed (small “stud” earrings are permitted).

Undergarments are not to be worn under leotards and tights.

Ballet clothing and shoes should fit like a glove in order for your teacher to make appropriate adjustments and corrections. Dancers should never “grow into” their ballet shoes and clothing.

During the colder winter months, dancers are permitted to wear dance sweaters, Moreno Dance sweaters/jackets, and leg warmers to class.

BOYS: Boys’ hair must be neatly styled and groomed.
Black dance pants. Solid black MDA Boys fitted shirt. Appropriate shoes for class.

Mommy & Me Dance Class

  • Any Color Leotard and Tights
  • Ballet and Tap Shoes Needed (any kind/color)
  • NOTE: For Recital/Shows, Specific Colors Will Be Required

Ballet & Tap Combo Class

  • Black or Pink Leotard (any style)
  • Ballet or Pink Tights
  • Ballet and Tap Shoes Needed (any kind/color)
  • NOTE: For Recital/Shows, Specific Colors Will Be Required
  • NOTE: No Dress Up or Costumes Allowed

Ballet/Pointe Classes (Ages 6 & Up)

  • Black Leotard (any style)
  • Ballet Pink Tights (convertible or footed style)
  • Pink Split-Sole Ballet Shoes
  • Ballet Skirts (only pink or black and above the knee are permitted)
  • NOTE: No Dress Up or Costumes Allowed
  • NOTE: No Full Sole Ballet Shoes

Tap/Jazz/POM/Hip Hop/Musical Theater/Acro/Tumbling Classes

  • Leotard and fitted dance shorts, with MDA/Dance Competition Shirts
  • Proper Shoes Needed  (specific types of the proper shoes will be required for recital/shows)
  • Hip Hop Classes Wear Tennis Shoes and Loose Fitting Dance Attire
  • Teens May Wear Crop Tops and The Appropriate Bottoms