MDA Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

There is no food, drinks or gum allowed in MDA. Water bottles are allowed in the cubicles/playroom. All dance bags must be placed there or with family members in the viewing areas.

Label all shoes & dance bags on the inside, not on the bottom of shoes.

All new dancers will need to be assessed to find placement of classes. Students will remain in said class. Parents do not choose placement of students. All students will be placed according to their ability levels. Any changing of classes will be done in September and January of each year.

Students must be escorted to and from the studio by an adult and be picked up immediately after class.

Parents are expected to keep noise levels down and watch all siblings at all times. Please clean up after your children. Parents are to remain in the viewing areas, not in the dance room. Please do not open the door and interrupt class. If the instructor needs your assistance, they will ask for it.

MDA does not require a long term contract; however we do expect all students to participate in the Annual Recitals and to dance year round.

Students cell phones must be left in the cubicles/ dance bags, turned off.

MDA is not responsible for lost or damaged possessions.

No street shoes are allowed in the dance room. Students are to wear cover ups to and from the studio. Students are to arrive dressed to dance. Do not wear your dance shoes outside.

There are no pro-rates for missed classes. If you need a make-up class, it must be scheduled with the instructor to use within a month. Please do not just show up to a class to make up.

If you are running late and will be more than 15 minutes late, please schedule a make-up class.

Do not cut your child’s ballet strings. They are to be tied and tucked inside of the shoe.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody.

Students/Parents must wait outside the dance room until the instructor calls them into class. No running around the dance room, touching the mirrors, or hanging on the barres is allowed.

Parent Observation

At MDA, we have parent observation areas including viewing windows, and video monitoring. Please do not interrupt classes or distract students from instruction, all questions can be asked before or after the class or you can email us directly. As much as we want our parents to watch their students dance, we have noticed that students make better progress when not watched regularly to allow the instructors their full attention. This is even more apparent with the younger students whoare easily distracted by family members when they can see them watching. We want our students to get the most out of their classes at MDA!

Thank you for your support!